Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a good private security company?

The best security guard companies offer high-quality, customizable security services at a great value. At Guardian National Security, we earn our clients’ trust by maintaining high standards for personnel and management, employing reliable, well-trained security guards, and delivering exceptional customer service. With over 60 years of combined experience, we excel at designing and implementing highly effective security plans that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs, site vulnerabilities, risks, and budget.

Where are your security guard services available?

Guardian National Security provides exceptional security guard services in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, and Ventura County. Call today for a free consultation.

Where can security guards be posted?

Private security guards are ideal for protecting and securing almost any business location, private residence, job site, parking lot, or event venue. We have placed security guards at offices, banks, hospitals, warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, charity events, film sets, shopping centers, malls, gated communities, churches, car dealerships, parking garages/parking structures, recreational centers, restaurants, retail stores, schools, retirement communities, theaters, theme parks, transport facilities, nightclubs, universities, industrial facilities, loading docks, and more.

Can you provide security guards at any time of day or night?

Yes! We offer 24-hour security services, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our dispatch services are in constant radio communication with your posted security guards, who are trained to respond immediately to alarms, emergencies, inquiries, and client requests.

How much do your security guard services cost?

At Guardian National Security, we believe that high quality security services should come at a reasonable cost so they can be accessible to anyone that needs them. Our rates are extremely competitive; in fact, we guarantee to match or beat any of our competitors’ prices. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

What should I look for in a professional security guard?

If you are in the state of California, a professional security guard should be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This license verifies that the guard passed a criminal history background check and completed training in power to arrest and other critical security officer skills from a Bureau-approved private patrol operator or course provider. In addition to holding an active BSIS license, we believe security guards should be expected to be fully briefed on the specific security duties applicable to their post, and continuously supervised by an experienced management team. Your guard should arrive on time, be well-groomed, properly attired in full uniform, and ready to work. While on duty, your guard should be courteous to your staff and customers, alert, and prepared to respond promptly in the event of an incident or emergency.

Why should I hire a security guard?

Well-trained security guards can help prevent crime, vandalism, theft, loitering, and trespassing, and create a safer environment for your employees and customers. Our security guard services are also excellent for logistics and transportation security, parking enforcement, lock-up services, alarm response, asset protection, and loss prevention.

What kind of training do your security guards receive?

We provide the highest level of training for our guards. All of our security guards are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), and must complete a rigorous training program that exceeds the 40 hours of training required by the BSIS. Their initial and ongoing training is provided by retired police officers, and includes in a broad range of security topics such as observe and report, patrol, emergency situations, field training, communications, public relations, fire watch, powers to arrest, terrorism and WMD awareness, and more. Once assigned to their location, guards receive further training in specific post order duties, and are provided with a written copy of their instructions.

What is your hiring process for security guards?

The best private security companies, like Guardian National Security, are very selective in hiring new security guards. Our extensive screening process includes civil and criminal background checks, drug testing, multiple interviews, and reference checks. Our guards then receive a minimum of 40 hours of training before being assigned to a post.

May we contact the security guard or security management directly?

Of course! We aim to foster open communication between our clients, security guards, and management team. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide you with direct lines and cell phone numbers for our managers and assigned security guards.

How do we know the security guard is on site working, and not sleeping, while on duty?

We track all of our guards using a wireless, GPS-enabled Detex app and electronic time clock system, which verifies your guards’ location and alertness. Your assigned guards are required to clock in every 30 minutes while on duty, and receive regular, unannounced visits by management.

How do you monitor the performance of security guards once they are on site?

During a site visit, we evaluate our guards on their appearance, demeanor, post orders, timeliness, completeness of reports, and overall awareness. Supervisors record all observations on the Security Officer Evaluation form.

What privacy safeguards do you have in place for your clients?

At Guardian National Security, we take our clients’ privacy very seriously. All client information is kept private and confidential. When on site at your property, we respect and adhere to all of your business guidelines and regulations. We also provide ethics training for all of our company employees.

How do you create a custom security plan?

An effective security strategy begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, budget, and the unique security vulnerabilities of their location. We then provide expert recommendations on the placement of security guards, and patrol services, and offer you a competitive quote based on our initial evaluation. Before finalizing your security plan and contract, we complete additional on-site visits and make any necessary adjustments until you are completely satisfied with your proposed plan. For a more detailed explanation of our process, including our billing system, click here.

What happens after a security contract is signed?

After receiving your signed contract, we develop a detailed list of post orders, select the ideal guards for your location and requirements, and train them extensively in their duties. We then continually evaluate your security plan’s effectiveness through our Management Customer Service Program (MCSP), our innovative quality assurance program. Developed to ensure high standards and consistent communication between guards, clients, and management, it includes weekly in-house meetings, daily activity reports, security inspections, ongoing training, and emergency response drills. We also regularly solicit client feedback, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you ever need to speak to a supervisor.

Do I have to sign a long-term security contract? Do you offer part-time security guards?

Guardian National Security offers long-term, short-term, and temporary security contracts. Please contact us at (800) 700-1467 for a free consultation.