Officer Appearance

Security Guard Appearance

At Guardian National Security, we believe that the appearance of a security guard should reflect positively on your place of business, corporate environment, or neighborhood. Our security guards always appear properly attired in the appropriate guard uniform for the client’s particular location and security needs.

Choose the Uniform & Appearance That Best Suits Your Needs & Environment

We offer a choice of four different security guard appearance options, each of which can be tailored as needed to suit your specific preferences:

  • Standard Security Guard Appearance: Our standard security uniform includes a company shirt with company patches, duty belt, and a company hat. GNS guards also wear black pants and shoes, and a company badge. Company shirts come in short and long sleeves and a choice of colors: black, navy blue, or white.
  • Professional Security Guard Appearance: Ideal for executive offices and corporate environments, our professional uniform includes a tie, vest or blazer, and a long sleeve company uniform shirt in either black, navy blue, or white. Black pants, black shoes, and a company badge complete the ensemble.
  • Casual Security Guard Appearance: This is a popular look for events. The black, navy blue, or white polo shirt comes with company patches, and has “Security” emblazoned on the back. The outfit also includes black pants and black shoes.
  • Construction Security Guard Appearance: Our construction uniform has been specifically designed for use on construction sites. It features a construction vest worn over our standard company uniform shirt (available in black, navy blue, or white) with company patches. Guards also wear black pants and shoes, a duty belt, hard hat, and company badge.