What to Expect

What to Expect

At Guardian National Security, we are committed to providing individually-tailored security plans to every customer at an affordable cost. In order to best serve the unique needs of our clients, we have developed an efficient 9-step process for designing, implementing, and monitoring custom security plans. By adhering to the following step-by-step process, we ensure a high level of quality, exceptional customer service, and reliable security guard services.

Our 9-Step Process For Security Plan Implementation

Step 1: Free Consultation

During our free consultation, we will thoroughly discuss your security needs and concerns in order to understand your property, location, and the type of protective services you require. We will also ask you about any potential or specific threats to your property, employees, tenants, or residents.

Step 2: Proposal with Competitive Quote

Taking all of the information that we gather from our initial consultation, we will design a cost-effective solution that meets your security needs and then provide you with a comprehensive proposal and quote. Because we aim to offer the best price out there for quality security guard services, we guarantee to match or beat any competitor’s quote for the same services.

Step 3: On-Site Follow-Up Meeting

The next step is a follow-up meeting with one of our experienced security advisors, who will complete a thorough onsite walk-through at your location. At this time we can make any changes to your proposed plan and clarify the exact specifications of your security strategy.

Step 4: Contract Finalized and Signed

At this point, we do a final review of your proposed contract and make any adjustments to the expectations, terms, and scope of service as needed. We offer long-term, short-term, and temporary contracts.

Step 5: Customized Security Plan & Post Orders Developed

Once we receive your signed contract, we finalize your security plan, which includes delineating patrol routes and schedules, specifying guard qualifications and appearance, and detailing specific post orders based on your needs and any security vulnerabilities we identified during our onsite consultation.

Step 6: Guards Selected & Trained

We select your guards according to their experience, skill set, and personality, then provide them with thorough training on their post order duties.

Step 7: Implementation

Once your security plan goes into effect, you can expect your assigned guards to arrive on-time, in uniform, and ready to work. During the course of your contract, our management team will stay in frequent communication with our guards, who attend mandatory meetings and receive updates on any changes to your security protocols.

Step 8: Regular Updates

As part of our Management Customer Service Program (MCSP), we provide clients with daily activity reports, incident reports, and parking violation warnings. Our management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our dispatch center, and will also conduct random on-site visits to ensure our service and personnel are consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Step 9: Billing

Regular short-term and long-term contracts are billed on a biweekly basis. Temporary accounts are billed upon completion of service, and require a pre-authorization charge form.